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Here you can find some data to get an idea of ​​my professional figure. In any case, I am of the opinion that the works speak for themselves, and for any doubt or indecision I am available to have a chat.

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About me

Born in Milan, graduated in Turin in communication design. I am 27 years old and now I work as freelance mainly in Italy.

I have spent the last few years specializing in programming and web development. I’m able to define myself as a full-stack developer, so I can manage projects on multiple levels: from design to implementation and then to launch it.

My ideal job is the complete management of the project. The variety of skills learned over the years allow me to have a broad vision and therefore easily understand how to translate the business objectives of clients into practice.

I love managing projects from their inception and it stimulates me a lot to see independent realities grow or improve.

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