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Graphical interpretation

Objective of this project was to create an infographic to summarize the data on unemployment in Italy from 2004 to 2015. Specifically, the data provided indicated the percentage of unemployment for each year, and the last two also provided the breakdown data by gender and geographic region. In addition there was a comparison between Turin and Naples from 2010 to 2015.

A second set of information instead concerned the population of Turin: comparison of gender and geographical origin.

The final result is very stylistic and partly complex to understand, but at the same time six different data groups have been brought together in just two graphs.


Stylistically, it can be said that the result is impressive. While not easy to understand, this infographic remains extremely faithful to the data. Once the logical schematization is understood, the comparison of the data is clear and evident: the differences in the values ​​are highlighted correctly and useful for understanding.

On a technical level it was necessary to perform calculations to translate percentages into precise angles. Once the results were obtained, the rough containers were made and then stylized with lines following angles.

The project was made entirely in vector with the use of Illustrator. Thanks to this in the future it is possible to animate it via motion graphics or make it interactive via digital interfaces.