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Locman is an Italian company that produces and sells watches. It is based on Elba island and carries with it a maritime and sporty style.

Their products are sold mainly through retailers and boutiques. They had a showcase site and a semi-separate one for online sales. It can be said that both were not up to par with their competitors, so they needed a radical restyling and to integrate their online presence into a single platform.

For this project I dedicated myself exclusively to development, collaborating with their internal communication and marketing team.

Mockup website Locman


On a technical side, the site is based on WordPress, with the use of the WooCommerce integration for the sales and distribution logic.

As usual, the site was developed from scratch, programming a custom theme to faithfully transpose the layout. All pages have been created “ad hoc”, including those preparatory to purchase.

Each product page of the watches has the possibility of being able to model itself to the layout required by the family of watches. The customer has full possibility to customize contents and layout according to their requests.


Furthermore, during the collaboration it was possible to take photographs that were then posted on the site.

The images created are set and not still-life. Models have often been used to recreate the situations of active use of the product.

Some of these shots have also been used on their social channels.