Peak Sans – font design

Peak Sans – font design

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Peak Sans

Peak sans is an example of a font design project. It can be said that it was more of a style exercise linked to a learning period. In any case, the result is sufficient to make this typeface actually usable.

The project began with the inspiration of the underlying concept. Once identified, it was translated into graphic forms and rules. Once the design of the characters was also finished, it was necessary to study their position in the text.
It can be said that this phase is the longest and most meticulous since it is necessary to study all the possible combinations of letters and adapt the space between them.

At the end of the process it was possible to design it and use it.

Shape description

The idea of ​​the shapes was inspired by the silhouette of the mountain peaks. Similarly, the apexes of the letters of the character stand out from the body. In contrast, the subscripts are particularly short.

The lines alternate between curves and broken lines like an emulation of the natural landscape. In particular in the letter “k” this peculiarity can be noticed. The contrasting elements coexist and create an identifying aesthetic line.

The font remains sans-serif type, but it could be defined almost modular. The dimensions and curves are reproduced in a similar way in almost all the letters.

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