Personal photomontage


Personal photomontage


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My head straight

This project can be defined as an exercise in style. The goal was simply to experiment with my photographic and Photoshop skills.

For the realization of this montage it was necessary to set up a photographic scenario using a classic white backdrop (limbo). Two speed lights and a diffuser panel were used. The necessary shots were the three that can be seen below: one in the correct position and with the hands positioned to be able to grasp an object, one in which I actually took my head in my hand and a final one in which the shirt was taken without being worn.

Shooting in the studio was essential to have the same light and the same shots available in order to make editing easier and more credible.

Fotomontaggio Lorenzo Frua


The process of merging the images is basically simple: it was enough to position the shots correctly and mask the affected areas. Few other corrections were needed such as rotating an arm and adjusting the shadows on the body.

In the end, a stylization was performed which was also useful for masking the few remaining artifacts (a process similar to what happens in film productions). Specifically, apart from the color corrections, a slight dodge & burn was performed and grain was added.

The ultimate purpose was the publication on social media, therefore the shot was kept with the necessary margins for the various adaptations to the required formats.