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The Terre di Sacra website is a complete restyling project of the brand’s online presence.

The company’s need was to renew the website so that it would be more attractive and that it could also be reached from abroad.

The work was made up of several phases: market research and analysis of competitors by structure and graphics, design of the structure and positioning of contents, study of user iterations and navigation (UX) and layout (UI). Finally, the complete development of the system took place.

The site is developed in WordPress, with the programming from scratch of a custom theme. All the functions of the site have been developed “ad hoc”.

Mockup website Terre di Sacra


For the layout, we tried to remain elegant and light but at the same time impacting. On the homepage there is a hero fullpage with a video of aerial shots and details of the houses.

The boxes that refer to the individual pages of the houses are animated when the cursor is passed to show a brief description as well as the main details.

In order to better understand the differentiation of types of houses and their location in the territory, a stylized map of the estate has been made interactive.

On the summary page of the houses it is possible to filter them by type in order to make the search easier.

Search optimization

To achieve the primary goal of the site’s restyling, it was necessary to insert textual content optimized for SEO.

For this purpose, in addition to the presence of many pages describing the territory, a section has been provided for the publication of news relating to Terre di Sacra.

The structure of this section is typical of a blog and allows for content filtering by topic.

At the end of the project, many of the photographic elements of the site were made on site in 3 shooting days.